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Reviews For Body Wraps

Looking for a good body wrap! One of the best things that you can do is search online for reviews of body wraps to see which ones work best. Here is our idea of what it takes to make for a really good wrap and of course wrapping experience – which means that it works!

I can’t tell you one person that I know that does not want to lose either inches somewhere on their body or maybe they want to lose weight. In most cases they want to lose both! I am here to tell you that I was in that position myself several years ago and after much research here is what I can tell you.

When it comes to losing inches your best bet is a body wrap. Dead sea mud alone is good but not good enough to produce what the wrap manufacturers call a thermogenic repsonse by the body. This response is one of the reasons that wraps work so well.

The idea is that two things work in unison!

Step 1:  The mud mixture is designed to really go after toxins inside the skin and fat cells. By removing this gunk from the fat cells then you will have a cleaner, smaller fat cell. The cleaner means that all the toxins had been swelling up the fat cells. Now, after a wrap they willbe much smaller. The second part deals with clean fat being easier to use by the body. It literally burns much faster – kind of like a cleaner fuel. This is why wraps are often called metabolism drivers.

However, body wraps really don’t speed up your metabolism but instead just all for super efficient fat burning, only because the fat is clean. Think of trying to burn a log with tar on it. It would take forever. Toxins in fat are very similar to the tar. However, once the tar is removed the log burns super fast. This is the same case with all of the fat cells that are detoxified!

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What You Need to Know About Head Lice

Unfortunately 6 to 12 million will contract lice every year.  And that is just in the United States.  It is definitely one of the top reasons that children miss school.  School age children are affected more than anyone else because of the close contact they have with each other.  Kids share hugs and clothing.  And they often spread lice during sleepovers. 

No one wants to find out that their child has lice.  They can be so hard to get rid of.  Most lice treatments have lots of chemicals in them.  They are basically pesticides that are suppose to kill lice bugs.  There are a couple of problems with that.  One is that pesticides are not a good thing to put on your child’s head.  Second these lice treatments don’t even work very well.    

You don’t have to resort to chemicals to remove head lice from your children.  The right combination of essential oils in a good lice shampoo has been shown to works much better and safely at removing lice.  In fact a natural lice treatment the one from Life Organics not only address the problem of lice but also of lice eggs, or nits.   Removing all the live lice won’t do much good if you leave a bunch of nits that will just hatch into new lice bugs again in a few days.

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With a very hectic schedule, I tend to ignore the care of my feet. Suddenly,
I had developed cracked heels. They were unsightly and painful and were
lacking moisture. In search of the right foot cream, I found Shea Butter
Heel Balm offered by Powerfeet. This splendid product is everything it
boasts. My cracked heels were gone in a few short days and were totally
rejuvenated. It left my skin soft and silky. I use it on a daily basis to
moisturize my heels and prevent painful cracks.

Foot Care Tips

Since my episode of cracked heels, I have begun to pay more attention to the
condition of my feet. Our feet take a lot of abuse and should never be
neglected. Problems can develop with neglect such as cracked heels, fungal
infections, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, and many more. There are many
different techniques that I practice on a regular basis to keep my feet
healthy. Some of these are:

*        Never wear shoes that do not fit well or that are damp on the

*        Never go barefoot in public showers or around public pools.

*        Always thoroughly dry feet even between the toes.

*        Perform daily foot soaks.

*        Use a pumice stone to rid feet of dead skin.

*        Moisturize feet with your favorite product each day and several
times a day if possible.

There are numerous recommendations about caring for your feet. I go online
regularly to check out the latest in foot care.

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Tea tree oil is an excellent natural ingredient.  It can be used on skin, scalp and hair.  It has many great properties including anti-bacteria, anti-septic, and anti-fungal.  Thousands of years ago, the natives of Australia used tea tree oil as a cure and treatment for everything imaginable. 

Tea tree oil is not an unproven ingredient.  There have been a lot of studies on this great product.  It has been found to work well for treating skin irritations and even acne.  It encourages quicker healing.  It can be used for burns, cold sores, blisters, bites and rashes. 

The scalp and the hair can both receive benefits from using tea tree oil.  It solves troublesome problems such as seborrhea and dandruff.  Dandruff generally comes from an excess of a particular fungus. This great natural oil kills and removes the excess fungus.  It cleans the scalp deeply without stripping away necessary oils.  Many people use tea tree oil as a natural way to both deter and kill head lice.

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Diets high in fiber have been shown to lower cholesterol, fight heart disease, and promote weight loss.  However, most of us do not get enough.  Here are some simple ways fiber can be added to any diet. 


    •  Breakfast- Plenty of cereals can be found that are low fat and high fiber.  Look for ones with 5 grams or more.  You can also add unprocessed wheat bran to any cereal.   
    •  Eat Whole Grains- Switching from refined breads to whole grains can make a huge difference.  Also choose brown or wild rice and whole-wheat pasta.    
    •  Vegetables- Eat more vegetables.  You can use fresh or frozen veggies to add to soups and pastas.  Snacking on raw vegetables instead of cracker and chips is a good change. 
    •  Legumes- Beans and peas are a good source of fiber.
    •  Fruits- Fruits and smoothies taste great.  They are naturally sweet and make a high fiber snack option.
    •  Nuts- Nuts are a good high fiber snack.  But keep portions small because they are higher in fat. 

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    Black Hair Itchy Scalp Causes

    black hairWhat causes an itchy scalp in African American hair?  It may be caused by a variety of conditions.  Some of these are dandruff, contact dermatitis, and scalp acne.  

    Contact dermatitis is a common cause of itch in black hair.  Contact dermatitis is caused by something that comes into contact with the scalp.  This is usually from chemicals in hair products like perms and straighteners.  Get Black Vitamins For Faster hair growth! This is a particularly susceptible problem because of the many chemical treatments that are often used.    Tight braiding may also cause irritation as well as tightly woven extensions. 

    Dandruff is common in all types of hair.  It is characterized by medium to large flakes and itch.  In extreme cases flakes may mound together on the scalp.  It is both itchy and embarrassing to many people. 

    Scalp acne may occur in black hair.  It is similar to acne on the face but can be harder to treat buried beneath the hair.  It may be minor with a few bumps or more severe with large bumps or cysts.  Scratching may cause scars or keloids to form. 

    Looking For Remedies For African American Itchy Scalp and Slow Hair Growth!

    Regulating oil on the scalp is the first step to reduce itchiness.  Oil is produced by the sebum gland.  If the sebum is over producing the scalp will be too oily causing problems to occur.  Excess oil allows bacteria and other foreign agents to multiply and take hold on the scalp.  Alternatively, if the scalp is too dry another set of problems and conditions will start.   In an overly dry scalp products for black hair the hair follicle will not close completely and bacteria can get trapped inside causing bumps and irritation.    There are natural ingredients that help clean the scalp and follicle as well as regulate the sebum gland to create a balanced scalp.  Some of the best natural ingredients for scalp health are zinc, thyme, sage, emu oil, and jojoba oil.

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    Back Facials – Healthy Skin

    Back Facials

    Millions of people suffer from acne and there are a multitude of products out there to combat it.  But what do you do about acne that occurs on the back rather than the face?  Many people have back acne but most do not know what to do to treat this hard to reach area.  One alternative is to have back facials. 

    Like other facials, having a back facial is relaxing.  It is a way of exfoliating an area that you cannot get to on your own.  Both men and women enjoy back facial to combat acne. A back facial is good even if you do not suffer from back acne, it will exfoliate the dead skin and deep moisturize.  It might be a good idea before a special event where you will be showing your back in a plunging dress or just before the start of bathing suit season. 

    This facial follows the same steps as a traditional facial.  The back is first cleansed and exfoliated deeply.  The second step removes impurities and imperfection from beneath the skins surface.  Then a mask is applied.  The final step involves moisturizing the back to hydrate and restore nutrients.  Many back facials will include a back, neck and shoulder massage to really make you feel relaxed and reenergized. 

    A back facial may be used in an overall wellness regime.  One month have a regular facial the next work on the back.  This will reduce acne and make you look and feel great not to mention the benefits of a little time to truly relax and unwind.  It is great for acne, skin bumps and pustules as well as back acne, pimples and zits that arrise from exercise, eating the wrong foods or just about any other condition.


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    One of the most asked questions that we get is whether or not body wraps actually work for weight loss or even for slimming down belly fat and other stubborn fat areas. The answer is yes they do but more importantly you need ot understand why body wraps are so popular in other countries, especially the Europeans. They add both long term and short term benefits to losing inches and fat loss.

    Dead sea mud is one of the main components of  body wraps, seaweed is another main component. Dead sea mud is used to pull the toxins from the fat. This is very important to know. The body takes the toxins that enter our system and do whatever it can to get these tozins out of the bloodstream and other areas of the body. One of the easiest ways for the body to get rid of toxins is store them in the fat cells of the body. The stomach fat is notoriuos for storing this fat. Dead sea mud actually pulls these toxins out. This makes this fat that had turned into sludge just back into regular fat again. This makes it much easier for the body to burn the fat since it is not toxic anymore. But more important these toxins slow down your metabolism which increases the amount of fat to the body. It becomes a syndrome that is difficult to change unless the fat sludge and body toxins is removed. This is why body wraps work so well in the long term. In the short term seaweed is an amazing fat burner!!!

    ALONG WITH THE stimulant herbal extract ingredients that are used in conjunction with seaweed and also the dead sea mud the results are instantaneous with regards to losing inches and they keep working for several days afterward to lose belly fat and inches.

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    Scalp Problems Explained

    Caring for the scalp properly is as important as caring for hair.  Yet most products are designed with only the hair in mind.  Scalp problems can be frustrating and hard to control for many individuals.  Some common issues are itching scalp, flaking scalp, dry scalp, oily scalp, and scalp acne

    It is common for people to suffer from flaky and itchy scalp along with bumps or acne on your head?

    The causes of acne is bacteria related while dandruff is fungal related! However, they are both caused by a scalp that is severely out of whack! No balance and harmony if you have either. Read more below! 

    While most people think Dandruff is often the cause - which consists of large flakes and can be annoying and embarrassing for some people.  In severe cases flakes stick together forming mounds on the head.  Dandruff is usually attributed to a fungus on the scalp while acne is contributed to bacteria that buries itself down below the very bottom of the hair root.

    Other Scalp Conditions And Problems

     Seborrheic dermatitis is another flaky scalp problem.  With this condition scales form, that are greasy and yellowish in color. 

    Some people may think they have dandruff when they are really only suffering from an overly dry scalp.  Dandruff flakes tend to be larger while dry scalp flakes are very tiny or small.  There are lots of causes of dry scalp including heredity, cold or dry weather, styling products and chemical found in most hair shampoos and conditioners. 

    Sometimes the scalp is too oily.  The sebum gland produces oil on the scalp.  At times it may overproduce.  An oily scalp also leads to many problems like seborrhea and bumps on the scalp. 

    Just as people suffer from acne on the face many people suffer from acne on the scalp questions.  It tends to form around the hair line most often, but can occur anywhere on the scalp.  It tends to be uncomfortable and must be handled differently than facial acne.  The products used on the face may damage or bleach hair. 

    The best way to deal with scalp problems is to create an overall healthy environment on the scalp.  The proper amount oil is crucial.  Many hair and scalp product contain chemicals that dry out the scalp.  However, there are natural ingredients like zinc, jojoba oil, and emu oil that work to balance the scalp.  Zinc is a natural regulator for the sebum gland.  Jojoba oil and emu oil moisturize and balance the scalp.

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    Dead Sea Products

    The Dead Sea is known to promote healthy skin and body.  Many people from around the world descend on Israel and Jordan to get in its mineral filled waters every year.  The mineral content in the Dead Sea is higher than any other body of water.  It is composed of 33% salts and minerals whereas the ocean only has 3%.   

    Studies have shown many benefits from products made from the minerals and salts found in the Dead Sea.  They help to balance and maintain proper water and moisture in the skin.  They also cleanse the skin, promote healing, help prevent allergies and aid in relaxation. 

    For centuries people have know about the healing properties of the Dead Sea.  The ancient Romans and Jews build bathhouses to use the mud and water for there skin.  King Herod was said to have bathed in it.  Queen Cleopatra was believed to have used the salts and mud to preserve her youth. 

    There are many products made from the Dead Sea.  The dead sea salts and minerals are used to make bath salts and brine.  Mud is available in the wet form for facial and body muds as well as dry clay form.   It can also be used in dry powder, lotions, and shampoos. 

    Dead Sea salts in particular have been shown to be effective on many skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and seborrhea.  Bathing in these high mineral count salts can reduce symptoms and improve the condition of skin.   Research has shown that a majority of psoriasis patients experienced decrease scaling and itching after using bathing three to four times per week over several weeks in Dead Sea bath salts.   Some marketers sell salts that have been refined and many of the minerals removed.  Pure Dead Sea salts should be off white and not appear bleached. 

    Dead Sea Mud or clay from the Dead Sea has been shown to remove impurities and help skin retain moisture.  It is a natural exfoliate and will reveal new healthy skin.  It also tightens skin as it dries giving a more youthful appearance.  It has also been shown to relive ailments such as arthritis, joint inflammation, rheumatism, arthritis, and dry itchy skin.

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